According to a report, employment opportunities will increase this year

Job Opportunities in India in the coming year: These days, every day there are news of layoff of employees from some organization or the other. Big companies have also laid off and no one’s job seems safe. In such a situation, this report has brought relief news for the youth of our country. According to that, even if the jobs of people around the world are in trouble in the coming days, there will be no shortage of talented people in our country. According to a survey, about 40 percent of CXs also feel that there will be a 5 to 15 percent increase in jobs here.

What the report says

According to a TOI report, surveys conducted in the business and employment sectors have shown that global job losses are likely to emerge as the biggest issue this year. Then comes the issue of recruiting and retaining the right people. Despite this, 76 percent of leaders believe that there will be an increase in recruitment this year.

Such people will get jobs

In the survey, more than one-third of business leaders said they would focus most on this quality when hiring, someone who has the appetite to grow the business. While hiring, preference will be given to individuals who have varying degrees of enthusiasm for growing your business.

What some organizations believe

At the same time, the survey also revealed that 22 percent of the companies feel that recruitment will suffer due to uncertainty in the sector. 19 percent of business leaders also believe that innovation ability will also be valued during hiring. Organizations now want to change the way they work and hire people who think about tomorrow This means that organizations will take more risks and spend more on innovation.

Few believe a recession is imminent

Only 10 percent of people in the survey said hiring levels may decline this year. While people in the US, Europe and China are worried about jobs, India Inc. is positive about the Indian economy as the survey found only 9 percent people worried about it. E-commerce, pharma and manufacturing sectors may see growth this year.

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