B.Tech students should be ready to work in Germany, visa process is going to be easy

Who does not dream of getting a job abroad. The dream of most IT professionals in India is to go abroad and get a good paying job. However, sometimes getting a work visa is not that easy. But now there is a great news for Indian IT professionals. In fact, Indian IT professionals are in great demand in Germany and this is why the government there is making the visa process easier. The Chancellor of Germany himself said this

What did the Chancellor of Germany say?

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently said that Germany’s IT sector is full of well-skilled job mines. Facing shortage of IT staff and hence they are looking for the best IT staff. Earlier this year, when the German Chancellor was on a visit to India, he told the media in Bengaluru that he was trying to bring reforms in Germany’s legal framework so that Indian IT professionals could easily get work visas.

Is German language compulsory?

Now the big question is whether your knowledge of German is mandatory to work in Germany. In this regard, the Chancellor of Germany said that there is no language problem, most of those who come to work in Germany speak English. But gradually he picked up the German language while staying here. Therefore, those IT professionals who think that they cannot work in Germany because they do not know the German language, their doubts are also cleared.

Germany pays more than India.

Most software engineers studying in IITs in India dream of getting a job in a European country. The biggest reason behind this is the package offered by the companies there for the students here. When a German company hires an Indian IT professional, it pays many times more than an Indian company. Along with this, the mentality of most of the people living in India is that if they go abroad and work, they will get more respect from their relatives and society.

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