Check out the list of offbeat career options for post 12 careers other than medical and engineering

Offbeat career options after 12thStudents are often confused about which career to choose after 12th. Some want to go into medical and engineering, while others want to do something out of the traditional. Which career is right for you depends on many things but the most important thing is interest. Just try your hand at the case that interests you. Careers may be chosen because of one’s focus or under pressure, but after a while boredom sets in. Choosing the right path is very important to make the innings play longer.

Try your hand at this

Archaeology, Curation, Restoration of Monuments and Sculptures, Museology, Special Education, Guidance, Design, Communication Design, Human Resource Management, Insurance, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Corporate Intelligence and Information Communication and Entertainment, Educational/Vocational Counseling, Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy Lectures -Language and listening, advertising, art direction, public relations are some of the fields where you can try your hand.

A wrong decision can be costly

Apart from the options mentioned above, there are many career options that you can choose from. Before choosing any field, do a proper research about it. How will the entry be, what are the prospects for further growth, what to study, what kind of work to do, which companies offer jobs etc. The most important thing is that you have interest in this subject. Sometimes a wrong decision can ruin an entire career or sometimes it can ruin four or five years of a career.

Degrees aren’t everything

Always remember that a degree alone is not enough to achieve success in any field. You should have skills that ultimately lead to success. So don’t worry if your marks are low, because once you move ahead in life, no one will ask what was your mark in 10th or 12th. So whatever you do, do it mindfully and do it for the whole day. Never take any decision under the pressure of parents, teachers, peers.

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