How Pakistani students study and what is their way of teaching Pakistan school education system

Pakistan School Education System: Education system of any country is the basis of its development. Where and how education is done, the future of children is determined and the children of any country are the future of that country. Overall, less is said about the importance of education. If we compare the education system of India’s neighboring country Pakistan from here, it can be seen that India has progressed a lot compared to Pakistan. In such a situation, the question arises in your mind that what is the difference between the education system of Pakistan and India and how is the education system of neighboring countries. Find out the answer to this question.

There is a big difference in education

There are many differences between the education systems of India and Pakistan. Due to the education system there, the children there are far behind the children of India. Education there is very different from here. However, there are some similarities. As in Pakistan, education is divided into 6 levels. This includes pre-school, primary, secondary, high school, secondary and university education.

There is no pre-primary trend

Pre-primary education is very less in Pakistan as compared to India. With the change of time pre-primary education was introduced there but the emphasis here is less. After a few days, when the class increased, boys and girls were taught separately.

Classes are separated at this level

Pakistan has separate system for education of boys and girls. After middle school, single sex education is emphasized. Means boys and girls go to different schools after secondary school. They are not taught together.

These things are important

After primary is secondary education. Secondary school means from 6th to 8th standard. After that comes the next stage i.e. 9th to 12th grade. The main subjects taught here are – Urdu, English, Mathematics, Arts, Science, Social Studies and Islamic Studies.

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