Breaking the Poverty and Dependency Cycle

Our ‘ JOB FIT JOB READY’ program is our difference. The program has been successfully integrated into our business and operational planning to meet the single vision of “Breaking the Poverty and Dependency Cycle” of Aboriginal people and the communities they live in.

job fit job ready

While this program has received limited financial support from the NT Government, as a demonstration of our commitment, each contract will continue to invest a substantial portion of its budget in this program.

We strongly believe that our program can be applied to other industries, particularly in the housing sector. This is one reason why it is our priority to team up with many local competent builders who share our vision, values ​​and beliefs.


The secret of our business success is striking the right balance of being ‘ JOB FIT JOB READY. This enables us to meet the legislative contractual requirements of the Northern Territory and the Australian Government while creating a competent local civil and construction workforce.

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success stories

Showcasing our long-term employee success stories

Annual Head Count Calculation

Since 2018, on average, each project completed has consistently achieved more than 50% local and non-local tribal engagement.
For five consecutive years, the actual number achieved is 50%.

lascarina ford

Ms Lassarina would like to welcome Ford, the first Aboriginal woman civil operator. Ms Ford is a proud Joyan woman and is currently working with our team on the new road alignment for the Kambolgi Creek Bridge in Kakadu National Park. We would like to thank Advance Civil Private Limited (NT) as the Principal Contractor for the continued support in availing our services to employ the local tribal people.

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Wilton Huddleston

Aboriginal staff Wilton (affectionately known as Willie) Huddleston was born and raised in the Katherine Territory, Northern Territory. Mr Huddleston is a family man with three children and is married to a school teacher in Urapunga.

Willie first started work in June 2016. Willie has been recognized as a model employee and is a shining example and one of many Aboriginal employees who have benefited from the “JOB FIT JOB READY” program.

Willie has worked on many projects while improving his qualification skills and knowledge while pursuing formal studies in civil construction. In less than three years, he completed his Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations while working on the NGUKURR New Subdivision Project.

The Director and the Senior Management team would like to congratulate Willie on this significant achievement.

Shortly, Willie, armed with the aptitude skills and abilities he has acquired while working, wants to give back to his Urapunga community, by being involved in the establishment of a touring caravan park that will lead to his potential tourism opportunities. Country.

As a testament to his consistent employment history and hard work, Willie was recently able to buy a family motor vehicle based on his financial merit.

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