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UPSC Success Stories: Don’t know how many candidates dream of becoming an IAS officer after clearing the civil service exam and prepare for it. But not everyone’s dream is fulfilled. Some people have to wait until the end on the first second attempt. Today we are talking about Ramya who got 46th rank in Civil Services Exam 2021. who took 6 attempts to reach their goal.

A resident of Coimbatore, Ramya had to work hard and struggle since childhood to reach the civil services. Ramya’s family’s economic condition was not good and her mother brought her up in difficult conditions. To strengthen the family financially, Ramya decides to stand on her feet and get a job as soon as possible. For this, she takes admission in the polytechnic diploma after 10th examination. Get admission in Coimbatore Institute of Technology based on good marks in Diploma. After completing his studies, he got a job as well as a promotion.

Made up my mind after work

During his studies, when he came to know about the post-diploma opportunities, he felt that only better education could change his situation. He then did his MBA from IGNOU. But he did not get the expected peace even after working. In 2017, he quit his job and made up his mind to prepare for the civil services exam.

Tips for Candidates

Ramya’s journey in UPSC was not easy either. He is fulfilling. He succeeded in his sixth attempt. Earlier he had made five attempts but failed to clear the prelims in any attempt. Meanwhile, he also did data entry work during exam preparation to keep the economic situation normal. But even after failure, he did not give up and took the entire preparation process as a lesson. He says that his mother always accompanied him in his UPSC journey. Ramya’s advice to candidates preparing for the exam is to never consider their situation as a weakness but rather use it as a good starting point.

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