Learn the story of UPSC success story Abhijeet AIR 440

UPSC Success Stories: Nothing can be done if the spirit is high and the desire to reach the destination is there. Today we are going to tell you one such story of the spirit of national service. For which a young man refused the job with a package of lakhs of rupees.

UPSC Civil Services Exam Result is here. The name of Abhijit of Jaipur is also included in the list of successful candidates in the examination. He is the son of a police officer. Abhijit secured 440th rank in the exam. After his success, the whole family is happy. Abhijeet cleared the UPSC exam and studied from IIT. After completing B.Tech, he started preparing for the civil service examination. But in the first attempt given in 2021, he was disappointed. But in the meantime he got a job with an annual package of 35 lakh rupees. But dropping that offer, he returned to UPSC preparation and cracked the Civil Services Exam 2022.

Preparation with the help of internet

Abhijeet’s father Anup Singh is currently under the security of the UP Chief Minister. His mother is Sarita Grahani. Abhijit credits his teachers and parents for his success. Abhijit prepares for UPSC exam at home and succeeds. Abhijit explains, this is the digital age. There are resources for exam preparation on the internet. By using them, he cracked the UPSC exam. Abhijeet’s parents are very happy with this success. His father says that he did not succeed in the first attempt, but Abhijit’s determination and hard work made him successful in the second attempt.

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