Learn tips from IAS success story Visakha Jain

UPSC Success Stories: Many people get disheartened by not succeeding in the UPSC exam, in which case they stop trying. But those who prepare patiently after failure, surely succeed one day or the other. Similar is the story of Vishkha Jain, whose dream of becoming an IAS was fulfilled in the fifth attempt.

Bisha was disappointed by three consecutive failures. After that he joined CA job. But Visakha Jain continued her preparation and finally she succeeded. After five attempts he got success. During this time he saw many ups and downs but kept himself strong in every situation. Bishkha conducted the UPSC exam for the first time in 2015. He did not succeed in this, made it to the interview in the second attempt, but this time too his dream did not come true. Even in the third attempt he failed. Then joined a corporate company.

Don’t be afraid of failure

Even after the job, Biska Jain continued her preparation and made her fourth attempt, in which she failed to clear the pre-examination. He tried again and passed the pre-examination. After that he resigned from the job and started preparing for Mains. This time his luck favored him and his dream came true with his election. Vishakha Jain (IAS Vishakha Jain) said that candidates appearing for UPSC exams should not fear failure. Success in exams can be achieved by changing strategies.

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