LKG UKG Full Form Do you know what is the full form of LKG UKG in school?

What is the full form of LKG and UKG in school: When it comes to school classes for young children, classes named LKG and UKG often come to mind. All children are admitted to LKG and UKG after nursery. We’ve heard the names of these classes many times, but have you ever wondered what their full form is? After all, when children go to this class, what they mean.

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LKG ka full form

The full form of LKG is Lower Kindergarten. It is the next class after playgroup and nursery. Even after reaching here, children do not have special education, but learn very basic things. Like recognizing pictures, drawing lines, drawing pictures, reciting poems, etc., children learn in this class. Some writing work also begins in this class.

What is the full form of ukg?

One class above Lower Kindergarten is Upper Kindergarten and is the full form of UKG. Both these classes are more famous in their shortened form and are known as LKG and UKG. After completing LKG admission to UKG.

What Kindergarten Means

In these classes studies should not be given too much importance and children should retain their childhood, hence the name may have been considered. Kindergarten means garden or garden for children. LKG and UKG are considered as the primary classes where they are introduced to studies. There is no particular pressure to study in these classes, although it also depends on the schools.

Studied in preparatory school

Nursery, LKG and UKG do not have a special load of studies, but it also depends on the school. If it is a preparatory school, i.e. a school where one prepares to pass the entrance exam for admission to the first class, then the education here is higher than other schools.

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