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Lottery Sambad Result 29.11.2022 Live Today

Lottery News Result Latest Update on 6.5.2023 : – Nagaland State Lottery Result, saturday, 06, may2023 And other information such as today’s first winner, first prize (around 1 crore), consolation list etc. is mentioned. You can check your lottery result 65.2023 result from lottery link given below..

Sikkim State Lottery 6.5.2023 Result

Are you ready to see Sikkim State Lottery Result Sikkim State Lottery Result organized by Sikkim State Govt announced on 6.5.2023 at 1pm, 6pm, 8pm. Here is Sikkim State Lottery Live Result, Dear Lottery News Live 06 May 2023, Dear Lottery News 6 5 23 AM, Dear Sikkim State Lottery News 6.5.2023, Lottery Result Night 06 May 2023 Draw You can see today’s first winning lottery number as a jpg image.

Lottery news 6.5.2023 today 1 pm 6 pm 8 pm result

Lottery news

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08:00 PM

Lottery Sambad 6.5.2023 Result Live Today:-

Lottery News 08:00 PM

Lottery News 06:00 PM

Lottery News 01:00 PM

Lottery news today results live

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Dear Lottery News Results

Sikkim State Lottery 6.5.2023 Today Result is weekly lottery draw with lottery result released three times a day. Mainly Nagaland State Lottery is 8pm, 1pm, 6pm Nagaland State Lottery but matching with Lottery Sambad 6.5.2023, Sikkim State Lottery, Nagaland State Lottery 1pm, 6pm, 8pm will release the result. is published

Lottery news today 6.5.2023 result live draw
Lottery Name Nagaland State Lottery
Draw the code 54H, 23L and 12F
first prize 1 Crore Rs
Date of Result 6.5.2023
Result time 1 p.m., 6 p.m., 8 p.m
Lottery Results Click here >>
result status has been published

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06:00 PM

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Lottery Sambad Result Today 05 May 2023

Lottery News 08:00 PM

Lottery News 06:00 PM

Lottery News 01:00 PM

Lottery Sambad Lottery Today Results Live

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Nagaland State Lottery News 1 PM Result Today 06 May 2023

Nagaland State Lottery 01:00 PM
Draw Date 06/05/2023
Nagaland State Lottery Result
Dear Narmada Saturday Weekly Lottery Result
Dear Lottery News 06.05.2023
5th Draw held on 06/05/2023 Value ` 6/-
1st Prize ₹1 Crore/-
85A 24769
(Including Super Prize Amt.)
Cons. Prize ` 1000/-
(All other serials)
2nd Prize ₹9000/-
10901 43340 45176 58936 61964
77656 79106 81953 96744 99751
3rd Prize ₹450/-
2003 3013 3779 5642 6286
7519 7604 8385 9394 9936
4th Prize ₹250/-
3126 3220 3802 4530 5490
6417 7586 8340 9342 9752
5th Prize ₹120/-
0073 0384 0706 0877 0889 0970 1005 1369 1428 1639
1671 1689 1708 1711 1948 2029 2073 2110 2121 2140
2483 2544 2576 2583 2759 2802 3309 3326 3380 3404
3496 3572 3597 3634 3702 3764 3806 3879 4087 4277
4280 4320 4376 4404 4431 4506 4529 4737 5073 5122
5177 5220 5257 5409 5616 5685 5728 6115 6179 6200
6219 6262 6272 6361 6550 6560 6788 6901 6923 7089
7256 7312 7457 7503 7531 7533 7627 7881 8153 8173
8220 8287 8634 8824 8912 8986 9025 9096 9125 9180
9228 9244 9386 9453 9518 9586 9688 9759 9791 9909
Nagaland State Lottery
01:00 PM Result 06/05/2023

Nagaland State Lottery News Morning Result

Lottery News 1pm Results Weekly, Today Dear Lottery News Morning Results will be published at 1pm known as Nagaland State Lottery Dear Morning Weekly Lottery Results. Lottery News 6.5.2023 Result, Nagaland Lottery News 6.5.2023 Today Result, Dear Lottery Result, Dear Lottery Result 6.5.2023, Dear Lottery News Morning Result 6.5.2023, Dear Morning Result, Today 1pm Nagaland State Live Lottery Result Lottery News Result Today 1 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM Nagaland Lottery News Result 6.5.2023, Nagaland Lottery 6.5.2023 Result, Nagaland State Lottery Morning 6.5.2023 Result, Nagaland Lottery Result 1 PM, Nagaland2023 Lottery Result 2023. , Nagaland State Lottery Result Today , Dear Day Lottery News Result, Lottery News Day Result, Nagaland State Lottery 6.5.2023, Nagaland Lottery Result, Lottery News Today Result.

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Evening Result

Nagaland State Lottery Today Live Draw Lottery Sambad Lottery Result 6 PM. Dear Lottery results will be presented on Lottery News today at 6 pm. which is consolidated through West Bengal State Lottery. Lottery News 6.5.2023 Lottery Result, Lottery News 6.5.2023 Evening Result 6pm, Dear Evening Lottery News Result 6.5.2023. Dear Lottery Result 6.5.2023, Nagaland State Lottery News Result Tonight 6.5.2023, Today Live Lottery News 6.5.2023, Lottery News Live Today Result, Dear Sikkim State Lottery Evening Result, Sikkim Lottery News Result 6.5.2023, Sikkim State Lottery News results show today 6.5.2023 live.

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Night Result

Now Nagaland State Lottery Dear 8pm result will be published Dear Lottery Sambad Night Result 6.5.2023, Nagaland State Lottery News 8pm, Nagaland Lottery News Number, Nagaland Lottery Online, Dear Lottery Result 6.5.2023, Nagaland23 Lottery Result Online, Nagaland State Lottery Night Result 6.5.2023, Dear 8 PM Result, Tonight Result 6 5 23, Nagaland Dear Evening Result, Dear Lottery Result, Nagaland State Lottery Dear Night Result 6.5.2023.

Nagaland State Lottery

Nagaland State Lottery declares results for three days at 1pm, 6pm, 8pm. You can download and share all lottery results in jpg format.

Nagaland lottery ticket is only 6 rupees but the prize for winning the major is 1 crore rupees. The results are also placed on this page which you can see. Nagaland lottery news is searched by different names, lottery news 8 pm result, lottery news night result, night result 8 pm, Nagaland state lottery 8 pm result, Nagaland state lottery news 8 pm result, Nagaland state lottery, Nagaland state lottery result 8 pm , 6pm, 1pm Nagaland State Lottery Live, Nagaland Lottery, Nagaland State Lottery Evening Result, Nagaland State Lottery Old Result, Lottery Sambad Old, Nagaland Lottery Sambad Night Result Live 8PM, Nagaland Lottery News Result Live 6PM, Nagaland State Lottery Sambad 1pm Results are live

Nagaland State Lottery

first draw 01:00 PM
Second draw 06:00 PM
Third draw 08:00 PM

Sikkim State Lottery Result Live Today

Sikkim State Lottery News Result published by Sikkim State at 1 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm. Which publishes lottery results regularly weekly and thrice a day.

The first prize awarded by the Sikkim State Lottery is Rs.1 Crore. To participate in the Sikkim state lottery one needs to buy a lottery ticket which costs only Rs.6.

Lottery Results

first draw 01:00 PM
Second draw 06:00 PM
Third draw 08:00 PM

Dear Morning Lottery Sambad 01:00 PM Weekly Game Name Table:-

day Draw the name
monday Dear Dwarka
tuesday Dear Godavari morning
on wednesday Dear Indus morning
Thursday Dear Mahanadi morning
Friday Dear Meghna morning
saturday Dear Narmada morning
sunday Dear Yamuna morning

Sikkim State Lottery News 06:00 PM Weekly Game Name Table:-

day Draw the name
monday Dear Desert Monday
tuesday Dear Wave Tuesday
on wednesday Dear Hill Wednesday
Thursday Dear Lake Thursday
Friday Dear Mountain Friday
saturday Dear River Saturday
sunday Dear Sea Sunday

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad 08:00 PM Weekly Game Name Table:-

day Draw the name
monday Dear Finch evening
tuesday Dear Hans Sandhya
on wednesday Dear Pelican evening
Thursday Dear sandpiper evening
Friday Dear Seagull evening
saturday Dear Stork evening
sunday Dear Toucan Evening

Lottery Sambad night results

If you are interested to know tonight’s lottery result then Nagaland state lottery result at 8 pm is declared here which you can see here in jpg format. Stay on this page till 8 PM for Nagaland Lottery Live Draw.

Lottery News Result 01:00 PM :-

Sikkim State Lottery declares three results in one day. The first of which is the Sikkim State Lottery at 1 PM, the result of which is published on the page at around 01:11 PM. Dear Sikkim Lottery News Result 6.5.2023 at 1 PM many participants are seeing lottery result. Lottery News Morning, Sikkim State Lottery Result at 1 PM, Dhankesari Lottery News Result at 1 PM Due to all gathering lot of people come Lottery News Result at 1 PM and your search ends here because here Lottery News Lottery Result is released first.

West Bengal State Lottery 06:00 PM Result:-

West Bengal State Lottery declares three results in one day. Second is Nagaland State Lottery at 06:00 PM with result published on page around 06:12 PM. West Bengal State Lottery 6 PM Important Lottery.
Lottery Sambad Evening Result, Sikkim State Lottery Result 6 PM, Dhankesari Lottery News Result 6 PM. And your search ends here because here lottery news 6 pm lottery results are published first.

How to Download Nagaland Lottery Result Today 6.5.2023

Ticket buyers are requested to follow below steps to check Nagaland lottery result today 6.5.2023. These steps will help you find the right result in time.
Step 1: Go to official website of Sikkim Lottery

Step 2: Click today Lottery Results option.

Step 3: search “Sikkim Lottery Result 6.5.2023”

Step 4: Sikkim S click todaytate lottery results see link

Step 5: Match your lottery numbers.

downloadOad Sikkim State Lottery News 6.5.2023 Today 1PM, 6PM, 8PM Results from here. Nagaland State Lottery is the important lottery of Nagaland state which is legally conducted by the state government. You are satisfied with the results of the morning lottery news at 1 pm. Nagaland State Lottery Today Lottery Results 1pm, 6pm, 8pm published here on this webpage.

Motto of playing Lottery Sambad:-

Lottery games are legal in 13 states, and anyone can participate by buying a lottery ticket. And can make their fortune by playing lottery Sambad game thrice a day and all days of the week.
This lottery game is run by the state governments to generate an economic boost in revenue. And people can get help from lottery prizes.

Lottery Sambad Live Result Today 6.5.2023

Lottery news live today 6.5.2023 result 1 am 6 pm 8 pm. Nagaland State Lottery Result 6.5.2023 Today. Sikkim State Lottery, Nagaland State Lottery, Dear Lottery News Morning. Lottery News Today Result, Dear Morning Lottery News Result 6.5.2023, Dear Lottery Result, Nagaland Dear Morning Lottery Result, Nagaland Dear Evening Lottery Result, Lottery News 8PM, Nagaland Lottery News Result Today 23.05.2020 Old.

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