Marksheet viral teacher comments he has died


Viral Scorecard: Recently, a student’s mark sheet is going viral on social media. Which has been a hot discussion among people. It is not the marks of the student but the comments written by the teacher that caused the marksheet to go viral. In this 2019 marksheet, which is going viral, the teacher has written ‘passed out’ instead of ‘passed out’ in the comments. Seeing this, social media users are giving different reactions.

Looking at the mark sheet, it can be said that the girl secured 7th rank in the class by getting good marks. However, this mark sheet is not from any school in India, but from a country in South Africa. A subject named Chichewa is visible in this marksheet. which is the official language of Malvi. Also subjects like Maths, English, Agriculture, Social, Life Skills, Arts, BK/RE are offered. According to the scorecard, the student got third class and secured 532 marks out of 800. This marksheet was released on 29 April 2019.

Users have given their opinion

This marksheet was shared on social media platform Twitter by a user named Anant Bhan. Where he said Oh, Lord via FB. Users are sharing this post of Anant a lot. In addition to giving his own opinion on this matter. One user said that this is very embarrassing for a teacher. Another user commented that understand the teacher’s feelings. Although one user commented that this is a marksheet from a non-English country. The teacher tries to give encouraging messages to the child with his limited knowledge. When a doctor can practice his knowledge without any liability on a sick/dying patient, why put that teacher in the wrong context. Take it easy, even a teacher’s job is not easy.

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