Rajasthan Basic Computer Trainer Recruitment Exam Failed Candidates 007 Know Details


Computer Trainer Recruitment Test: A surprising incident has come to light in the Rajasthan Staff Selection Board recruitment exam for Basic Computer Trainer. A candidate was disqualified for getting less than 0.07 percent marks in the examination conducted by the board. There are different correct answers to the same question in the initial answer key and final answer key behind the decrease in marks. However, the board officials refused to say anything about it.

In fact, Umakanta, a resident of Bharatpur, applied for the recruitment of Basic Computer Trainer. He had full confidence that he would pass the exam. But he was not selected due to low marks of only 0.07%. For one question, the board accepted answer D as correct in the primary answer key. But when the final answer key is revealed, it is changed to A. Due to change of answer Umakant’s answer is declared wrong and minus marking with deduction of 1 mark is also done. Due to which one-third of his marks were deducted. But candidate Umakanta had full confidence in his answer. Due to which he made it to top 8 IITs across the country. Where he got the correct answer to that question.

IIT is fair option D only. Then the candidate presents the documents before the board. Rajasthan Basic Computer Trainer Recruitment Exam had two papers. For selection, candidates had to secure 40-40 percent marks in both the papers separately. Umakant secured 45 percent in Paper I and 39.93 percent in Paper II. He could not get 40% marks in second paper of computer. Due to which he was deprived of the election. Later, when the matter went to the court, the board said that answer A was considered correct based on the expert committee. The Expert Committee has considered Database System Concepts 5th Edition by MC Graville as the basis for Answer A.

Here are the questions:
Consider the following statements about ‘key’
(1) A super-key is a combination of one or more attributes that uniquely identifies records in an RDBMS table.
(2) A candidate key is a subset of a superkey.
(3) All super keys are candidate keys but not all candidate keys are super keys.

What were the options:
A. Only (1) is true
B. Only (2) is true
C. Both (1) and (3) are true
D. Both (1) and (2) are true

court case

The answer to this question is considered correct as D in the primary answer key. Where the final answer key is declared correct. Rajasthan Staff Selection Board Chairman Hari Prasad Sharma said that a candidate had presented some information about the question. The matter is still pending in court. So it would not be appropriate to comment on this matter.

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