Ranj OTT Release Date And Time: Will Ranj Movie Release On OTT Platform?

Ranj OTT Release Date and Time Confirmed 2023: Find out 2023 OTT release date of Ranj Movie 2023 with cast details and story.

pip ott release date

The Ranj is the most exciting movie today, Adesh Sidhu fans and followers are more eagerly waiting for the first release of Ranj. Are you eagerly waiting to know the Ranj release date and time? Keep reading this article to know when Ranj movie is coming. The much awaited Ranj movie is slated to release on January 6, 2023 but the OTT platform is not clear. Ranj is cast in the film and the film is directed by Sunit Sinha. In the sections below you will find details on PIP.

pip overview

name of the movie pip
language Punjabi
director Sunit Sinha
Staring Adesh Sidhu and Ekta Sodhi
mold Kuljeet Singh, Kriti V. Sharma and Sukumar Tudu
pip ott release date January 6, 2023
film industry punjabi film industry

PIP OTT Release Date And Time

As we all know that Ranj will release on 6th January 2023, fans are still puzzled to know that at what time Ranj will release. Enjoy watching the movie from 6th January 2023 onwards. Following are the details about the most talked about movie Ranj in today’s scenario. Continue reading further to get more voluminous and specific information about PIP.

Ranj release date on OTT platform

OTT platform is the most prominent online platform where most of the movies are released in today’s scenario. Most of the people have paid subscriptions on OTT platforms and enjoy watching the most entertaining movies online. Nowadays movies are released online, apart from this people also like to watch movies online without any disturbance. Thus the OTT platform acts as an extraordinary platform to watch the most interesting movies online.

When is Ranj movie coming on OTT platform?

In today’s scenario most of the people are more excited to watch Ranj online because they are very much attracted by the trailer of Ranj. In this mundane scenario, people like to watch a movie with a specific plot and eventful action sequence. Thus Ranj is more interesting and people are more eager to know the release date of Ranj. PIP was scheduled to release on January 6, 2023. The fans and followers are more excited to watch Ranj online, thus you can enjoy watching Ranj online from 6th January 2023.

ranj movie cast

Details about the major movie cast are given below, check out exclusive details about the lead characters of Ranj here

  • Adesh Sidhu
  • Ekta Sodhi
  • Kuljit Singh
  • Kriti V. Sharma
  • sukumar tudu

The above list gives you all the details about the cast of Ranj. Keep reading for more information about PIP and to know when PIP is coming out.

Where to watch PIP online?

Ranj which was slated to release on January 6, 2023, fans and followers of Aadesh Sidhu are quite excited to watch the movie online. Since in today’s scenario movies are released online, Ranj will be releasing on major OTT platforms exclusively for the fans to watch and enjoy the movie online. The exact OTT platform is not clear now, we will update once it is announced officially.

How to see Ranj?

In today’s scenario people are used to watching movies online, thus in this era of scientific development, movies are mainly released online. Ranj will be released online for the users to watch the movie without any hassle. People can enjoy watching movies online by getting paid subscription of online application software. People can watch Ranj online by subscribing to the paid subscription of the application.


Release Date: January 6, 2023

Where to watch: TBA

The fans who were eagerly waiting for the film can read this article to know more details. Where to watch the movie and the cast of the movie are updated here. Ranj is one of the most trending series at the moment, with episodes releasing one after the other. The engrossing storyline of Ranj can be considered as one of the main reasons why the film managed to gain so much popularity which instigated the fans to look for Ranj which we have mentioned in the above section.

pip highlights

The Ranj stars Aadesh Sidhu and Ekta Sodhi, movie also has other characters as listed above, so enjoy watching movie with your family and friends. The movie’s release date is given above along with cast, trailer info. Ranj is one such series that has been on the must watch list for many of these binge watchers.

PIP OTT Release Date – FAQs

When is the Ranj OTT release date?

Ranj OTT release date is expected on January 6, 2023.

On which OTT platform can we watch Ranj movie?

No official announcement has been made yet.

Who are the actors of Rann movie?

The cast of Ranj includes Aadesh Sidhu, Ekta Sodhi, Kuljeet Singh, Kriti V. Sharma and Sukumar Tudu.

Who is the hero of Rann movie?

Aadesh Sidhu is the hero of Ranj film.

Who is the heroine of Ranj movie?

Ekta Sodhi is the heroine of Ranj film.

How to watch Raanj on OTT platform?

People can watch their favorite movie online by subscribing to the paid subscription of the application.

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