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Virat Kohli Class 9 Question Paper: In our country cricket is not considered less than a religion and cricketers are considered as gods. On whom the hearts of the devotees fall, he is placed in the sky. Recently, Virat Kohli’s fans got a chance to read their favorite cricketer’s eulogy. In fact, there is a question about Virat Kohli in class 9 English paper. His picture is given and students are asked to write a few words about him. This exam question paper has gone viral in no time.

What was the question?

It is not known which board or where this question was asked. It has a picture of Virat Kohli and below it is written Describe this picture in 100-120 words. The question paper of this exam was shared on social media and after seeing this picture, it went viral and flooded with comments from fans. Virat’s fans are very excited about such a question.

When is the picture

This photo was taken when Kohli scored a century against Afghanistan in the 2022 Asia Cup. This picture along with the question paper has gone viral. Kohli will soon be a part of Royal Challenge Bangalore in the upcoming IPL season. He will be a key player for RCB team.

This is how the fans reacted

After the picture of this exam question paper went viral, comments from fans are pouring in. Everyone wants to know what would happen if such questions were asked in the exam. Someone writes that an entire novel could be written on this question.

On the other hand, a devotee said, this question fills so many copies that the teacher gets bored after taking the test. Some wrote, I wish such questions were asked at that time, and some said, what would I say if such an exam were given.

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