WBP Constable Main Practice Set 1

WBP Constable Main Practice Set 1


Are you preparing for West Bengal Police Constable Main Exam (WBP Constable Main Exam)? Then New Government Jobs India brings you 20 general knowledge WBP Constable Main Practice Set 1. These questions and answers are prepared by experienced teachers from all over West Bengal. 4 possible options are given for 20 questions. You have to select the correct answer. Answer sheets are attached at the end of 20 questions. We hope that this initiative of New Government Jobs India will be very beneficial for all constable main candidates of the state.


West Bengal Police Constable Main Exam Practice Sets

WBP Constable Main Exam

WBP Constable Main Practice Set 1

1) Which of the following rivers is not a river of the Sundarbans region?
[A] Intoxication
[B] Gosaba
[C] Seven-faced
[D] Atreyu

2) The fundamental rights of India are ______.
[A] Free and unfettered
[B] Not free and absolute
[C] Both are correct
[D] None

3) What is the combined flow of the Keleghai and Kangsavati rivers called?
[A] Rupnarayan
[B] Yellow
[C] Dwarkeswar
[D] Vidyadhari

4) What is the name of the Turkish currency?
[A] Pound
[B] Lira
[C] Peso
[D] Shilling

5) Who is called the author of the Indian Constitution?
[A] BR Ambedkar
[B] Jawaharlal Nehru
[C] Mahatma Gandhi
[D] Vallabhbhai Patel

6) The ring test indicates the presence of the following?
[A] HNO3
[B] H2SO4
[C] CH3
[D] HCl

6) Who announces the repo rate in India?
[B] Ministry of Finance
[D] President

6) What is the number of pairs of cranial nerves in mammals?
[A] 10 pairs
[B] 10
[C] 12 pairs
[D] 12

9) Who has just won the title of the youngest chess grandmaster in the world?
[A] Pratyush Chowdhury
[B] Stanley Jakob
[C] Abhimanyu mixed
[D] Abhyudaya Pandey

10. Who is the CEO of the Policy Commission, whose term has been extended for one more year?
[A] Amitabh Kant
[B] Young Bajaj
[C] Rajiv Kumar
[D] NK Singh

11) Where is the International Court of Justice located?
[A] Amsterdam
[B] New York
[C] The Hague
[D] London

12) Rajbari National Park is located in which Indian state?
[A] Assam
[B] Orissa
[C] Tripura
[D] Rajasthan

13) The enzyme is _______.
[A] Protein is religious
[B] Carbohydrate
[C] Steroid religious
[D] Lipid religious

14) Which goldsmith is known as Sahara?
[A] Gold
[B] diamonds
[C] Borax
[D] Amlaraj

15. Which is the element of acute electronegativity?
[A] Chlorine
[B] Bromine
[C] Fluorine
[D] Cesium

16. In which countries are the Panchasila agreement signed?
[A] India – Bangladesh
[B] India – China
[C] India – Sri Lanka
[D] India-Pakistan

17. Through which medium words cannot pass?
[A] difficult
[B] Zero
[C] Gas
[D] water

18) What is the name of Akbar’s father?
[A] Omar Sheikh Mirza
[B] Babar
[C] Humayun
[D] Bahadur Shah

19) Which is the first magazine published by Gandhi?
[A] Benefactor
[B] Indian Opinion
[C] Young India
[D] Indian Mirror

20) What is the name of the current Minister of Education in West Bengal?
[A] Perth Chatterjee
[B] Bratya Basu
[C] Mamata Banerjee
[D] Firhad Hakim

1- D, 2- B, 3- B, 4- B, 5- A, 6- A, 7- A, 8- C, 9- C, 10- A, 11- C, 12- C, 13- A, 14- D, 15- C, 16- B, 17- B, 18- C, 19- B, 20- B.

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