WBP Constable Main Practice Set 2

WBP Constable Main Practice Set 2


Are you preparing for West Bengal Police Constable Main (WBP Constable Main) exam? Then New Government Jobs India brings you 20 general knowledge WBP Constable Main Practice Set 2. These questions and answers are prepared by experienced teachers from all over West Bengal.


4 possible options are given for 20 questions. You have to select the correct answer. Answer sheets are attached at the end of 20 questions. We hope that this initiative of New Government Jobs India will be very beneficial for all constable main candidates of the state.

West Bengal Police Constable Main Exam Practice Sets.

WBP Constable Main Exam

WBP Constable Main Practice Set 2

1) Where was the capital of the Pallavas?
a) Thanjavur
b) Kancheepuram
c) Madurai
d) posture

2) Who started the Jabti system?
a) Babri
b) Akbar
c) Humayun
D) Shah Jahan

3) The Rajput dynasty of Rana Pratap was-
a) Cassowary
b) Solanki
c) Parmar
d) Shishodiya

4) Who was the Defense Minister of India during the Indo-China war in 1962?
a) Morarji Desai
b) VK Krishna Menon
C) Y. b. Chauhan
DJ. to hit

5) Kochbehar district was earlier a part of which state?
a) Kamrup
b) Kalinga
c) Magadha
d) limbs

6) Where is cinchona cultivated in West Bengal?
a) Alipurduar
b) dates
c) Siliguri
d) Mongpu

6) What is the tenure of a member of Rajya Sabha?
a) 4 years
b) 6 years
c) 5 years
d) 8 years

6) Why are the stars twinkling in the night sky due to-
a) refraction
b) reflection
c) scatter
d) none

9) Who discovered radioactivity?
a) Madame Curie
b) Henry Becquerel
c) Rutherford
d) Einstein

10) Which part of the brain controls the balance of the body?
a) master brain
b) small brain
c) spinal cord
d) thalamus

11) What is the fourth state of matter?
a) plasma
b) gaseous
c) LPG
d) Mercury

12) Where is the headquarters of the National Highways Authority of India located?
a) Mumbai
b) New Delhi
c) Pune
d) Bangalore

13) Which country will host the 2032 Summer Olympics?
a) Brisbane, Australia
B) Shanghai, China
c) Jakarta Indonesia
d) London UK

14) In which state is the Kuno National Park located?
a) Madhya Pradesh
b) Gujarat
c) Tamil Nadu
d) Goa

15) Acid converts _______ litmus to _______?
a) red, blue
b) green, yellow
c) yellow, green
d) blue, red

16) What is the hardest form of carbon?
a coke
b) graphite
c) diamond
d) none

18) What is the cause of polio?
a) fungus
b) bacteria
c) virus
d) insects

18) How do determine the age of the tree?
a) birth
b) height
c) general characteristics
d) ring of the year

19) Which of the following is not a vector quantity?
a job
b) tell
c) torque
d) velocity

20. Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh University. Where will it be installed?
a) Aligarh
b) Jaipur
c) Varanasi
d) Mirato

1-B, 2-B, 3-D, 4-C, 5-A, 6-D, 7-B, 8-A, 9-B, 10-B, 11-A,12-B,13- A, 14-A, 15-D,16-C,17-C,18-D,19-A,20-A.

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