Groundhog Day 2023

People across the globe recognise Groundhog Day from the 1993 film in which a television weatherman finds himself 

living the same day repeatedly. The character is played by Bill Murray and he keeps reporting on the annual celebration 

again and again. This movie then puts Punxsutawney on the map.  

It is reported that the town of Punxsutawney records thousands of tourists for the holiday 

it further rose just the year after Groundhog Day was released. In the aftermath,

in the towns where the movie was filmed, Punxsutawney and Woodstock host events for tourists.   

On this day, the popular Groundhog Day is celebrated, when the animal from Pennsylvania comes out of its burrow and announces whether winter 

will last longer or whether temperatures will rise and spring will begin to arrive.

To tell the truth, this type of prediction has no scientific basis, and many meteorologists and weather forecasters have called this day a fraud.