Will chatgpt really eat this job Sam Altman has a big reveal


Ever since ChatGPT hit the market, it has created quite a stir. Especially those who are working in the private sector fear that they may lose their jobs in the future. But now comes a statement from its owner, Sam Altman, in which he says that Chat GPT is dangerous for any work. Sam Altman said in an interview given to ABC News that Open AI i.e. Chat GPT is capable of many such tasks, but the task it will do best is customer service.

That means customer service jobs are the first to be threatened by ChatGPT If you are in customer service in a company or looking for a career in customer support then you should find a new career goal for yourself, because as chat gpt will get better and better in the future, they will make customer service completely human. will set you free

Change may be coming soon

In an earlier interview, Sam Altman, founder of OpenAI, ChatGPT’s parent company, acknowledged the possibility of ChatGPT eating people’s jobs. But he also said that there is no limit to human creativity. It will create many new jobs and opportunities. Altman said in an interview that he worries that change may come too soon.

ChatGPT as a must watch tool

Sam Altman said in one of his old interviews that ChatGPT should be seen as a tool, not as a replacement for people or their jobs. He said that human creativity is limitless, and we can create new jobs. Altman also says that he is somewhat apprehensive about his creation, the chatbot, and worries that it could be misused to spread misinformation. Sam says that I am concerned that these models can be used to misinform on a large scale.

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